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We are publishing International Journal of emerging Pharmaceutical field, which will be freely accessible (Open Access) to its contents, to made available useful research output for global use and to encourage the individuals with global representation.

It will publish innovative research papers, review articles and case reports dealing with Pharmaceutical sciences.

In the process of our journals construction, to build a strong review backbone we had built a strong Editorial board team.

Here we are presenting our Editorial/Advisory board teams for our international journal, which will be updated upon new member registration.

Editor in-chief,
Dr. Kumar NS,

M.Pharm, Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Global Research Online,
Plot No 9/P, Sri Nilayam Enclave, Jeedimetla, Hyderabad, India.

Global List of Editorial advisory board Team for "International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research".

For the complete affiliation details and addresses of authors, please refer the PDF file available in bottom of this page.

1. Dr. Dilipkumar Pal, Principal, India.

2. Dr. Rakesh P Patel, Associate Professor, India.

3. Dr. Peter Koulen, Professor, United States of America.

4. Dr. R. Narayana Charyulu, Vice Principal, India

5. Dr. Ibrahim Darvish, Professor, Saudi Arabia

6. Dr. Miroslav D Radenkovik, Assistant Professor, Serbia.

7. Dr. Jagdale Swati Chandeo, Assistant Professor, India.

8. Dr. Hao Chen, Senior scientist, United States of America.

9. Dr. James Omale, Professor, Nigeria.

10. Dr. Anthony A Attama, Professor, Nigeria.

11. Dr. K. R. Vinod, Assistant Professor, India.

12. Dr. Navneeth Agarwal, Assistant Professor, India.

13. Dr. Radhesh Manduva, Scientist, Llyod Inc, United States of America.

14. Dr. Murugesan Sugumaran, Assistant Professor, India.

15. Mr. Prabhakara Prabhu, Assistant Professor, India.

16. Dr. Ge Bai, Scientist, MedImmune LLC, United States of America.

17. Dr. Sharan Gouda, Assistant Professor, India.

18. Dr. Chang-gu hyan, Associate Professor, Korea.

19. Dr. Battu Prassanna Reddy, Associate Professor, India.

20. Dr. Nagasamy Venkatesh, Assistant Professor, India.

21. Dr. Ali Nokodchi, Senior Lecturer, United Kingdom.

22. Dr. Iqbal Ahmad, Associate Professor, India.

23. Dr. Sanjay Kalra, Principal Inestigator, India.

24. Dr. Sivakumar Joghi Gowder, Associate Professor, KSA.

25. Dr. A. Abdul Hassan Sathali, Professor, India.

26. Dr. Christian Rosker, University Assistant, Switzerland.

27. Dr. J. S. Patil, Associate Professor, India.

28. Dr. Neeraj Upamanyu, Assistant Professor, India.

29. Dr. R. Saraswati, Director, India.

30. Dr. Anil K. Philip, Assistant Professor, SULTANATE OF OMAN.

31. Mr. Satyanand Tyagi, Assistant Professor, India.

32. Dr. Chakraborthy. G. S, Assistant Professor, India.

33. Dr. Vinay Pandit, PhD Research Scholar, India.

34. Dr. R. Manivannan, Assistant Professor, India.

35. Dr. Ranju S. Pal, Assistant Professor, India.

36. Dr. Kundlik M. Girhepunje, Assistant Professor, India.

37. Mr. Harish NM, Lecturer, India.

38. Dr. K. K. Raj Sekhar, Assistant Professor, India.

39. Dr. Bhaskar Mazumder, Senior Lecturer, India.

40. Dr. Pratap Yeshwanthrao Pawar, Professor, India.

41. Dr. Mohammad Abdur Rashid, Professor, BANGLADESH.

42. Dr. Laxminaraya Bairy K, Professor, India.

43. Dr. Abhilash M, Professor, India.

44. Dr. Mamdouh Moawad Ali Hassan, Professor, Egypt.

45. Dr. Javed Intekhab, Lecturer, India.

46. Dr. Pranay Jain, Assistant Professor, India.

47. Mr. Amrit bhalchandra karmarkar, Research Associate, India.

48. Dr. Kishwar Hayat Khan, Assistant Professor, India.

49. Mr. Shinde Anilkumar Jalindar, Lecturer, India.

50. Dr. Mahesh M. Bhide, Formulation Scientist, United States of America.

51. Dr. Shailendra s. Gurav, Assistant Professor, India.

52. Dr. Bijaya Ghosh, Professor, India.

53. Dr. Jeetendra Kumar Guptha, Assistant Professor, India.

54. Dr. M.R. Jaypal, Professor, India.

55. Dr. Vimal Kumar, Professor, India.

56. Dr. Mahavir Chougule, Assistant Professor, United States of America.

57. Dr. Shanu Ingole, Assistant Professor, India.

58. Dr. Bhaskar C Behra, Scientist, India.

59. Ms. Anubhuti Jain, Junior Scientist, India.

60. Dr. Zhaofeng Ding, Senior Scientist, United States of America.

61. Dr. Vivek S. Dave, Research Scientist, United States of America.

62. Dr. Ashutosh Chourishi, Assistant Professor, India.

63. Dr. Shivanand Puthli, Scientist, India.

64. Dr. Abubakar Muhammad Amali, Assistant Professor, Malaysia.

65. Dr. Dheeraj T Baviskar, Professor, India.

66. Dr. Prakash. MMS. Kinthada, Associate Professor, India.

67. Dr. Srinivas Ravindra Babu Behara, Researcher, United States of America.

68. Dr. Siddharthya Mujumdar, Principal Scientist, United States of America.

69. Dr. Peng Zou, Post doc fellow, United States of America.

70. Dr. Rajesh M.Patel, Assistant Professor, India.

71. Dr. Shyamal Chandra Das, Research fellow, Australia.

72. Dr. Amit K Shah, Principal Scientist, United States of America.

73. Dr. Hiren Chandrakant Mandalia, Research Chemist, India.

74. Dr. Chandeshwari Chilampalli, Research Scientist, United States of America.

75. Dr. Khaled Nabih Zaki Rashed, Research Scientist, Egypt.

76. Dr. Nitesh Kumar, Assosiate Professor, India.

77. Dr. Shen Shen, Research Scientist, United States of America.

78. Dr. Nagham Mahmood Aljamali, Research Scientist, Iraq.

79. Dr. Mengmeng Niu, Postdoctoral Fellowship, United States of America.

80. Dr. Noorullah Naqvi Mohammed, Senior Formulation scientist, United States of America.

81. Dr. AMIT SHANKAR SINGH, scientist, India.

82. Dr. JAVAD SHARIFI RAD, scientist, Iran.

83. Dr. PRAJNA GUHA, Clinical Research Scientist, United States of America.

84. Dr. MILIND SADASHIV ALAI, scientist, United States of America.

85. Dr. JAGDISH LABHUBHAI KAKADIYA, Assosiate Professor, India.

86. Dr. PYRIOCHOU, Anastasia, Research Scientist, Greece.

87. Dr. HAO WU, Postdoctoral Fellow, United States of America.

88. Dr. KOTESWARA RAO VALASANI, Post Doctoral Scientist, United States of America.

89. Dr. TARA CHAND, Professor, India.

90. Dr. BHAVESH KEVADIYA, Postdoctoral Research Associate, United States of America.

91. Dr. MOHAMED SALAMA, Professor, Malaysia.

92. Dr. MANDAVI KASHYAP MISHRA, Assosiate Professor, Malaysia.

93. Dr. SHIVKANYA FULORIA, Assosiate Professor, Malaysia.

94. Dr. SRINIVASAN SHANMUGAM, Project Leader, South Korea.

95. Dr. SUMIT GOSWAMI, Senior Scientist, United States of America.

96. Dr. Kaoutar (Coco) Abbou Oucherif, Consultant Engineer, United States of America.

97. Dr. Rahul Mahavir Nandre, Research Scientist, United States of America.

98. Dr. Yan Gao, Research Associate, University of Utah, United States of America.

99. Dr. Touseef Begum, Assistant Professor, Ibn Sina National College For Medical Studies, KSA.

100. Dr. Dinesh Kumar Upadhyay, Associate Professor, AIMST University, Malaysia.

101. Dr. Ramesh Chand, Senior Scientist, Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute, United States of America.

102. Dr. Bhavik J Bhatt, Principal Scientist, Actavis Laboratories, United States of America.

103. Dr. Varun Khurana, Formulation Scientist, Insys Therapeutics, Inc, United States of America.

104. Dr. Rajni Miglani Bhardwaj, Process Research and Development, Eli Lilly, United States of America.

105. Dr. Bindhu Rayaprolu, Formulation Scientist, PharmaForce Inc, United States of America.

106. Dr. Grandhe Usha Rani, Research Scientist, United States of America.

107. Dr. Sasank C Kunadharaju, Associate Director, Pfizer Inc., United States of America.

108. Dr. Arshia Parveen, Assistant Professor, India.

109. Dr. Naveen Kanthamneni, Scientist, Par Pharma, United States of America.

110. Dr. Subrata Shaw, Research Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, United States of America.

111. Dr. A. Heidari, Postdoctoral Research Fellow California South University (CSU), United States of America.

112. Dr. Ali Eatemadi, Leadership of RandD office of MORSAL company, Iran.

113. Dr. Jai Shankar Yadlapalli, Sr. Analytical Research Scientist, Novel Laboratories, United States of America.

114. Dr. Murali Krishna Matta, Research Fellow at USFDA, United States of America.

115. Dr. Niket Kumar Patel, Senior Staff Formulator, Charles River Laboratories, United States of America.

116. Dr. Sasank C Kunadharaju, Associate Director, Pfizer Inc., United States of America.

117. Dr. Ramesh Pothuraju, University of Nebraska Medical Center, United States of America.

118. Dr. Namita Giri, Assistant Professor, West Coast University, United States of America.

119. Dr. Refat A. Youssef, Professor, National Research Centre, Tokyo University, Japan.

120. Dr. Ritesh V Thekkedath, Scientist, Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, United States of America.

121. Dr. Harshal Muralidhar Mahajan, MD in Pharmacology, NKP Salve Institute of Medical Sciences, India.

122. Dr. Manodeep Chakraborty, Associate Professor, Shree Devi College of Pharmacy, India.

123. Dr. Nishant S. Gandhi, Visiting Research Scholar, University of Mississippi, United States of America.

124. Dr. Sai Prachetan Balguri, ORISE research fellow at U.S. FDA, United States of America.

125. Dr. Srikanth Cheemalapati, Head of the Department for Analytical RandD, Novitium Labs Private Limited, India.

126. Dr. Nagarathanam Veerasamy, Scientist, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, United States of America.

127. Dr. Meng Zhong, Senior Scientist, PharmaForce Inc., Ohio, United States of America.

128. Dr. Srinivas Ganta, Manager, ScieGen Pharmaceutical Inc., NY, United States of America.

129. Dr. Amit Bansal, Scientist, Perrigo, United States of America.

130. Dr. Rohit P Dugar, Formulation Research Scientist, Nutrilite, CA, United States of America.

131. Mr. A. SHEKER REDDY, Vice President - Formulations ARD, MSN Labs Private Limited, Hyderabad, India.

132. Dr. JAYENDRAKUMAR D. PATEL, CEO and Director, Pyrrhic Pharma Private Limited, Gujarat, India.

133. Dr. SARAVANAN SUBRAMANIAN, FNorthwestern University, Chicago, Illinois, United States of America.

134. Dr. NAMRATA VORA, FResearch Scientist, Lonza – Tampa, Florida, United States of America.

135. Dr. MOKSH JAGIA, FFormulation Scientist II, Exela Pharma Sciences, United States of America.

136. Mr. C.S. MUJEEBUDDIN, Founder and CEO, Clinosol Research Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad, India.

137. Dr. MUDASSAR IQBAL ARAIN, Assistant Professor, University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Pakistan.

138. Dr. TAHA NAZIR, Head – Microbiology and Molecular Biology, Advanced Multiple Inc., United States of America.

139. Dr. SUDIP KUMAR MANDAL, Asst. Professor, Dr. B. C. Roy College of Pharmacy, India.

140. Mr. Bhavesh Bhavsar, Vice President, KriGen Pharmaceuticals LLC, United States of America.

Find below the PDF file of Editorial/Advisory board team with editors full details:

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Editorial-advisory board team - IJPSRR.pdf